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Spinning Record

stone fabel

formerly known as fabletongue

-- new Canadian rock music 

-- led by musician Stephen James Lee

-- includes talents of guitarist Bob Wegner [ ], sound designer Philip Strong, drummer Adam Bowman [ ], lyricists Linda Nash and Jeremy Major [ shooting eye ], producer David Bottrill, singer-songwriter Geoff Hudson [ geoff hudson band ], musician Terry Sebastian, drummer Dave King [ ], fiddler Daniel Lapp [ ] and other guest musicians and contributors


Always seeking musicians and music-lovers!

This music is bass, guitar, drums, piano, voice, and wind instruments. Hopeful to collaborate with musicians for recording and live performance, especially good players of trumpet, trombone, other brass, flute, sax, and clarinet . . .

Parallel Lines


P. O. Box 1151, Walkerton, ON

Thanks for submitting!

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